Semafor Mediateknik AB

The company started over 20 years ago as consultants to major broadcast companies, helping them out with neccessary and innovative solutions for their technical infrastructure.
As a result the company today also provides hi-quality products from a selected list of top-end manufacturers.

Our goal is to offer corporate clients high quality products and services that will make the difference in their communication.

With the highest level of service, sensitivity and a personal touch you can always rely on a direct and straightforward solution for all your technical questions.

Main product areas are:

  • Broadcast/Communication equipment representing WisyCom, Ghielmetti, Glensound, Phonak and AEQ in Sweden 
  • Audio
  • Support
  • Consulting


Semafor Mediateknik AB
Järnvägsgatan 36,
131 54 Nacka, Sweden
08-556 785 50