Telefon hybrid med -80dB separation

Artikelnummer:Copper 29
Tillverkare : Glensound

    Telephone hybrid with -80dB separation

    Glensound invented the world’s first hybrid in 1966 for the BBC. Current technology, combined with the Glensound Engineers understanding of digital systems for audio, have presented the environment to develop the ultimate telephone balancing unit.

    Glensound presents the Copper 29 as part of the Atomic range, as it is considered to excel in its application.


    Analogue and Digital I/O
    The maximum flexibility is offered with analogue and digital audio connections


    Twin DSP Processing and Control
    Two digital signal processors are used in the Copper 29 to allow dedicated control of the very important echo cancellation routines in one, whilst employing a second that is dedicated to the input/output process.


    Compressor and Limiter - DSP1
    The incoming audio into the Copper 29 must be at the correct levels to start with. DSP1 manages the incoming analogue and digital audio with compression and limiting so as to not overload the telephone line.


    Automatic Gain Control - DSP1
    Our automatic gain control maintains a constant caller level on the Copper 29 output making it easier to manage for the studio.


    Automatic Caller Ducking - DSP1
    If there is an incoming audio signal into the Copper 29 from the studio, then the caller level will be ducked. This is to stop the caller talking over a presenter.


    Band Pass Filters - DSP1
    Incoming and outgoing audio is put through band pass filters to remove unwanted artefacts.


    The World’s Finest Echo Cancellation Algorithm - DSP2
    Our impressive separation figures are a result of our dedicated echo cancellation system developed by the Glensound Digital Design Team.


    Internal Mix Minus Generation - DSP2
    A second algorithm in our echo canceller produces an internal mix minus.


    Intelligent Sample Rate Converter
    Our CPLD device manages sample rate conversion and removes any unnecessary delay.


    Worldwide Line Impedance Matching
    A DAA device optimized for voice applications is used to match worldwide Impedance variations on analogue telephone circuits.


    PPM Meters
    Both the input and output have an 8 bar LED PPM meter


    Adjustable Level Control
    The input and outputs both have adjustable level control


    Auto Answer
    When selected, the auto answer function answers an incoming call after a preset number of rings.


    Remote Control
    System control is available via a rear panel dsub 15 connector. This contains RS232 and 8 loops. RS232 gives you full setup and system control, where the loops give you on/off hook, divert, and 4 audio switches.


    Handset Interface
    RJ11 connection to an external telephone for dialling.


    Versions Available
    Copper 29/S Single unit in 1U 19" subrack
    Copper 29/T Twin unit in a 1U 19" subrack
    Copper 29/SD Single unit in a desktop style case


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