Artikelnummer: Voiceover 08
Tillverkare : Glensound
  • The Voiceover 08 provides a high quality microphone pre-amp interface to any recording device or PC, together with headphone monitoring for the user. There is a highly sophisticated Automatic Gain Adjust (AGA) system to allow the non technical user to achieve perfect input gain levels using dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones. The mic audio is output on the rear of the unit as balanced analogue audio on XLR, un-balanced on phono, and digital on S/PDIF, and TOSLINK.

     The headphone monitoring mixer allows monitoring of the microphone input as well as an external audio input, which could be the cue audio or music for example. This monitoring audio is not presented on the output – only on the headphone monitor


    The Voiceover 08 is therefore a high quality yet simple microphone pre-amp and monitor for use by non technical users or simply users that do not have time to worry about setting levels. Expected users include traffic/news reporters, voiceover artists, presenters for voice tracking applications, and any non broadcast operation that needs to be able to simply connect to a broadcast chain for recording or live use.


    Microphone Pre-Amp
    The primary function of the Voiceover 08 is of a high quality microphone pre-amp for a selection of microphone types. There are three gain positions available allowing simple selection of dynamic mics, condenser mics, or ribbon (lip) mics /high gain. Any mic type can therefore be interfaced with an audio mixer, PC sound card, or other recording device that requires a line level input. Selectable 48v phantom power is also available.


    Automatic Gain Adjust (AGA) System
    A key function of the Voiceover 08 is its AGA system. The AGA system was developed by Glensounds Digital Design Team, utilizing the latest DSP technology. As the user speaks into the microphone, a press of the ‘Take Level’ control starts a 6 second evaluation of the audio gain level required. This allows a non technical user to achieve a perfect input level without worry. The AGA can be re-calibrated at any time, without loss of audio.


    A multi-coloured LED indicates the input level in three stages. Green for ‘signal present’, yellow for ‘approaching clipping’, and red for ‘clipping’.


    Analogue and Digital Outputs
    The Voiceover 08 has a comprehensive range of output options to give the user maximum flexibility.
    - Analogue outputs are available unbalanced on a phono connection, and balanced on XLR.
    - Digital outputs are available as S/PDIF on phono, and S/PDIF on fibre optic.


    Headphone Monitor Mixer
    The operator can connect headphones to the Voiceover 08 for monitoring via a front panel 6.35mm jack socket.

    There is an external, two channel, analogue audio input available either on balanced XLR or un-balanced phono. This input has an adjustable level control on the front panel. This allows the user to monitor the context material that they may be speaking over. This input is only available for monitoring on the headphones and does not appear on the outputs.

    The headphone monitor also includes an adjustable level for the incoming mic input (sidetone) allowing the user to monitor themselves.


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