HD-voice/GSM kommentator enhet
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    •  7kHz and 3.5kHz audio bandwidth  
    • Operates in 7kHz 3G (UMTS) mode and standard GSM 2G mode  3G (UMTS)
    • Available indicator  
    • Use any networks SIM card (Needs a 3G (UMTS) network for Glensound HD Voice)  
    • 3 channel mixer
    • 7 LED PPM for audio levels being sent to the mobile circuit  
    • High quality compressor/limiter  
    • 3 input headphone amp  
    • Balanced XLR outputs  
    • Battery powered from 6 x 'C' cells alternatively use the local 12V 1A DC  
    • Easy to use


    3 Channel Mixer

    An inbuilt 3 channel mixer allows up to 3 sources to connect to the RECCE HD. Each mixer input can accept either a mic or line level source.


    A high quality compressor/limiter circuit is included to prevent overloading of the outgoing mobile circuit.

    3 Input Headphone Amp

    The internal headphone amp has 3 audio sources. These are the outputs of the RECCE HD, the incoming audio from the studio and a local 'EXT' input.

    Local Outputs

    Balanced XLR outputs are available for connection to other equipment. The 3 outputs are 'Mix', 'Record' and output directly from the phone module.


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