Wideband Optical Link

MFL provides wideband optical link for up to 4 RF channels combined in a single fiber thanks to CWDM technology.
It is designed to allow for a flexible and modular configuration thanks to a mainboard that can be fitted with up to 4 plug-in boards that can be any combination of two types:
• TX: Laser optical transmitter (CDWM) plug-in board
• RX: Optical-receiver plug-in board

Other configurations are also possible like MFL-RR** / MFL-TT** or a mixed like a MFL-RRTT with both receiver and transmitter channels.


  • REAL-TIME CLOCK with a backed-up static RAM to monitor and record internal RF levels and service data (i.e. laser lifetime)
  • TX – (remote RF reception, i.e. diversity antennas): the units can incorporate a digitally tuned filter (25 MHz movable band over 400-800 MHz)
  • TX – it can route RF through an external filter or to additional receiver (redundancy) to easily implement a failsafe configuration that can switch on a redundant receiver or transmitter if any fault is detected
  • TX – It automatically monitors RF levels and intervenes to avoid fiber saturation
  • RX – (RF transmission, i.e. single-frequency master/slave areas)
  • RX – It can route an IFB high power signal to transmit locally and send low power IFB carrier over fiber to slave units
  • RX – When it is working along with a MTK952MS in slave configuration, the fiber loss is automatically recovered and the units increase the gain so that the transmitter power equals the target level (measured with an power/SWR meter integrated into the MTK952MS)


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