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POE Nätverksklocka 4900x.05 Studio Klockor med 50mm siffror. Priset gäller röda siffror + en indikation på pris område.

5.995 kr

Priset är exklusive moms



    • This range was developed for use in the broadcast industry but is also an excellent showpiece for receptions and meetings rooms and any control application where progress towards a specific seconds count is of particular importance.
    • These unique digital clocks have a multi-format outer analogue seconds ring as well as hours, minutes and seconds digits.
    • Optional signal interfaces enable the clock to synchronise with NTP, EBU, IRIG and other precision coded signal time sources. The 4900x.05 model has a 12 or 24-hour time display with ultra-reliable, 50mm (2″) high red, green yellow or blue dot matrix digits.
    • You can select one of three analogue seconds indication modes:
      • Showing accumulating seconds markers
      • Showing three trailing seconds markers
      • Showing a single seconds marker
    • You can choose a display of time only, alternating time and temperature (requires extra cost temperature sensor) or alternating time and date.
    • We include an RC100 handset for remote time-setting, stopwatch control, operating mode and special function selection.