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Bolero Beltpack

Bolero Beltpack
Riedels trådlösa beltpack.


Bolero 6-key beltpack

  • Next-generation, digital, globally License-free, 1.9GHz DECT band 
  • Riedel-exclusive ADR receiver technology overcomes multipath issues
  • Modern, efficient voice codec skimps on power – extending battery life
  • Fully integrated with Artist for point-to-point comms and ease of use
  • Up to six full-duplex channels plus convenient REPLY to last caller button
  • Can be used as a beltpack, a portable desktop keypanel, or a 2-way radio
  • Touch & Go registration
  • Elegant, ergonomic, multi-material beltpacks that are built to survive almost anything
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless headsets or use as a phone hybrid
  • IP-65 environmental sealing 
  • Fully re-programmable FPGA to handle whatever future networks come about 



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