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single RF over Fiber module


BFLT1/BFLR1 is a single RF over Fiber module with selectable filters and Bluetooth long range.

BFLT1 is equipped with an optical laser which trasform an RF signal to an optical signal.
BFLR1 is equipped with an photodiode which trasform an optical signal to an RFsignal.

Both the module BFLT1 and BFLR1 can work in

  • IFB mode: to send low power IFB/IEM signal over fiber to a remote area
  • ANT mode: to receive signal from an antenna placed on a remote area


  • Monitor & control through Bluetooth to adjust parameters in real time (Wisycom BT App)
  • Wide RF band: 170-1260 MHz
  • Operating voltage range: 9 ÷ 18 Vdc
  • 2 RGB LEDs for RF overload and system status indication
  • Easy configuration thru an high contrast OLED white display and 4 key navigation buttons


  • Antenna booster 12V, 150mA max
  • 4mW (6dBm) optical laser to cover miles away
  • 20 band pass filters and tunable filter 1MHz step software selectable to increase RF robustness
  • compatible with expansion board EXP3 and EXP2


  • remote power supply from the RF connector (on ANT mode)
  • DC power for external amplifier 12V 200mA for PAW or LBP (on IFB mode)